Tips on maintaining your European/German car

Often we neglect to keep our European/German cars in check, and it is only when something goes wrong that we realize we should have taken more care. Keeping a regular check on Audi service Perth it will help protect you, save you money, and keep your vehicle in good working order.

Below are seven top tips for keeping your car in basic good shape:
Keep things clean
Keeping your vehicle clean isn’t just about it looking good on the outside, it’s about washing off any debris stuck on the underside also.

Hosing off, or better yet, jet washing off any road grime, dirt, and debris that can clog up your vehicle parts will help prevent issues later on.

Greasing up

Vehicle parts need lubrication to stay in good working order. Make sure all moveable parts are well greased. Ungreased moving parts will cause damage to the parts, creating costly repairs for you.

Oiling up

233ggMake sure you have enough clean oil running through your engine. Checking and changing the oil should be done regularly. There is nothing that will destroy an engine faster than lack of oil or oil which is old.

Keeping cool

Flush out the cooling system and change the coolant annually. A 50/50 mix of distilled water and coolant will prevent deposits from building up inside the cooling system and help keep the cooling system corrosion free.


Keep the bodywork of your car looking good and rust-free by coating with a quality wax. This should be done a minimum of every six months. It’s also a good way to detect any possible problems on the body work such as scratches, minor dents or areas where rust can build up.


Keep your vehicle out of the direct sun where possible. Direct sun will dry out vinyl and fade the interior plastic. Use a window deflector screen and apply a UV protectant to keep the interior of your vehicle looking good.


3eeeLast top tip is keeping the servicing up to date. Refer to your vehicle manual and make sure you keep a good service record. Make sure that the garage you take your car to has experience of your make and model of car.

Only allow mechanics to carry out work on your vehicle if they have experience and knowledge on your make and model. Paying out for a reputable garage may cost more regarding servicing fees, but at least you will have the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is in good care.

Cheaper service centers may overlook important details or may even try to get you to outlay on replacement parts you do not need so that they can make a profit. Check up on any garage you intend on taking your vehicle to, to ensure they are professional and well recommended.…

How To Choose A Towing Company

For every car or vehicle owner, they sometimes may need a towing service. The need may arise when you get involved in an accident, run out of fuel in a remote area or get a mechanical issue with the vehicle that cannot be resolved immediately. Towing services come in handy at these instances with a different approach and ensure your car reaches the designated destination. Getting stuck in a place due to a mechanical problem in your vehicle may be tricky especially if you are alone and in a place, you are not familiar with. You will, therefore, need a towing service, but how does one go about choosing a company. Here are tips to help choose a towing company.

Choosing A Towing Company

Company Must Be Insuredkakakakakaakak

Before allowing a towing company to deal with your car, make sure they produce proper insurance documentation. The company must possess an insurance policy that covers your vehicle when in their hands. This will ensure your vehicle is in the right hands and in the case of any damage while your car is being towed, you will be compensated.

Pricing And Towing Fees

Ensure to choose a towing company that has clear price specifications that you will be able to meet comfortably. The pricing approach should be pocket-friendly, and terms of payments should be discussed and satisfy both parties. Some companies may have hidden charges that will bring more problems when the vehicle has reached their backyard. It is, therefore, important to choose a service company with price specifications you understand and will be able to meet.

Proper Licensing And Certification

When selecting a towing company, be sure to go for one which is fully licensed and certified by all Government authorities to conduct the towing service. By these, you will be confident that you are leaving your vehicle in the hands of a reputable and recognized company. You will be sure that your vehicle is safe.

Must Have Effective Towing Equipment and Machines

No one will like to see his/her car get damaged in the process of towing due to ineffective towing equipment. Before deciding on which company to choose, first, inquire about their towing types of equipment and how safe ksaksskskskskthey are to be used for your vehicle. Some companies use outdated or broken towing machines that may scratch or cause some damage to your vehicle. Choose a towing with effective and safe towing equipment and machines for the safety of your car.

Not every towing company is up to the task to offer you the needed towing services. But these helpful tips will come in handy when choosing a towing company.…