Buying Nitro cars for kids – What To Look At

Nitro remote controlled cars (RCs) are a serious hobby for some and fun for others. However, when it comes to the question of buying remote control cars for kids, it is important to know that the Nitro RC is different from the regular electric RC. The following are some of the things you need to consider when shopping for one.

Buying Tips


The initial cost of purchasing a Nitro powered RC is higher than that of the regular electric RC. Moreover, maintenance aspects that will include regular replacement of oil, fuel, and other fluids and parts such as shocks, tires, and bodies can be one expensive affair. Add to that the need for accessories such as an electric start system, chargers, or batteries, and the costs for entertaining your child start to add up.

Intended User

Nitro powered vehicles are harder to control since they run faster than regular RCs. As such, a child is more likely to crash the RC and hit walls driving at high speeds, which can destroy the vehicle. Besides, it is not advisable to trust a child that may not have the required dexterity to control a vehicle with flammable fuel and toxic emissions.

Running and Maintenance

Unlike the regular RCs nitro, powered vehicles require more than simply flipping a switch. Given the investment, you will need to check tires, spark plugs, air filters, batteries in addition to ensuring it has enough fuel before powering it up. These tasks require a lot of time investment that is simply not worth it if you are buying nitro cars for kids that would be just fine with a regular RC.

Safety Issues

wdscv vsfc vwDNitro RCs use Nitromethanol, a highly flammable and poisonous fuel that you cannot entrust to the control of a child. Besides, the speeds at which Nitro RC’s move means that if the child does not have the necessary dexterity, the vehicle can be a danger to the public in crowded areas. The noise and fumes mean that the vehicle, for the most part, can only be safely used outdoors at night. As such, it may not be particularly safe for children of certain ages whom you may want to keep an eye on.

Buying Your Child’s First Nitro RC

If you have to buy your child a Nitro RC, it is better to go with the Ready-to-run (RTR) truck or car. An RTR is easy to run even if the child is not familiar with nitro engine vehicles. They also do not need much maintenance and modeling and hence will save you a lot of time. With such vehicles, buying nitro cars for kids can be a safer even if a more expensive option.…