Evolution Of Car Headlights To LED Technology


Evolution is good, and it means that evolving technologies become better in performance and how they serve people. When the first car was made, no one was concerned about them traveling at night. But when the need was, then some lighting had to be made. Today such lights are made better and better through various energy efficient and increased performance technologies like LED head lights.

LED head lights evolution over time

The first beam lights

In 1915, a company called guide lamp company made the first car beam lights. The lights were manually controlled and drivers needed to come out of the vehicle and switch on the lights. Later another company developed car head lights with an internal switch. However, the first halogen lamp did not come until 1962. The LED headlights have been manufactured in later decades as an advancement of the earlier created HID lamps.


The various regulation of headlights

In the 70s the European countries made it a must for all drivers and vehicle owners to use halogen headlamps instead of the nonhalogen sealed headlamps. The halogen lamps were more efficient in light emission and energy efficient as well. Most countries would see to it that running of daytime lights was made mandatory. Such were mostly the Scandinavian countries as well as other European countries. The USA, however, had controversies as they argued that the glare had a negative effect.

The LED headlamps

The LED headlamps evolved as a result of great research. Thanks to technology, the LED lights are very energy efficient and thus enabling the cars to light up for long. They also enable other devices to share the available energy source. After the incorporation of the LEDs to car head lights, the manufacturers had a reason to smile as they could create vehicles with powerful lights that can penetrate the darkness and provide daytime lighting standards.

Notable is how the diodes can be integrated with the car’s computerized software to give various lighting commands at the comfort of pressing buttons or clicking on the user interface screens coming with the modern vehicles. Manufacturers and researchers are still doing more research to give even better and advanced technologies to this pieces with time.



While the world is evolving very fast, no sector is being left behind and only speculations can be made to what we expect in future. Every day we get surprises when it comes to car lighting technologies. So, check out these LED headlights and ensure to upgrade your vehicle to be one step closer.